What Is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative Dispute Resolution refers to a variety of programs designed to help parties end and resolve disputes without the same investment in time, expense and emotional disorder that litigation within the court system engenders. “Alternative” in that sense refers to replacement of the jury trial as the vehicle for ending disputes. Most usually, ADR refers either to mediation, where a trained and experienced neutral assists the parties (and their counsel) with efforts to compromise and settle their differences, or arbitration, where the parties choose one neutral (or a panel of arbitrators) to decide the case, instead of a judge or jury.

Andy Braunfeld is a successful, trained mediator who enjoys the trust and confidence of the lawyers and their clients whose matters are almost always settled when submitted to him. His technique is thorough, studied and determined, and there is never a “mail it in” or “cut the baby in half” approach to any controversy.

Andy also regularly serves as an arbitrator in a wide variety of cases, including all kinds of personal injury and insurance disputes, as well as construction, commercial, shareholder or partnership separation and medical malpractice matters.

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